DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 8: The O's

...and, for the Youtube inclined, here's your link.

Last Wednesday night, Taylor Young and John Pedigo, known 'round these parts as the thunderdoggin' folk duo The O's, stopped by and bro'd down at SPACE Studios for yet another installment of DC9 in SPACE, our eight episode into the ongoing series.

Bad decisions were made... someone mentioned getting into bed... Hal pulled out a camera... it was weird. Entertaining, though, for sure. Check it out above.

Oh, and think about stopping by for tonight's taping, too, if you've got the chance. It's gonna be a pretty cool little taping--so much so that we're breaking our own "secret performer" rule (just this once... for now) and opening up the floodgates. Basically, we think we've got a pretty cool idea for tonight's shoot with local retro-futuristic hip-hop act Damaged Good$--and we think it just needs a crowd. Plus, I think the guys told me they might be debuting some new tracks? We'll see.

Stop on by SPACE (2814 Main St.) tonight at 7:30 p.m. and join on in.

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