DC9 Live at El Sibil: A Good News/Bad News Announcement of Sorts...

OK, some good news and some bad news...

The good news: After a few weeks off, our weekly video series, DC9 Live at El Sibil, is back. We filmed the most recent segment with longtime DC9 favorite galleryCat last week, in fact. It was a grand ole time--par for course, y'know.

The bad news: We've run into some video uploading issues this afternoon and, as a result, that clip, which normally would be posted right now, won't be available for viewing until tomorrow morning. Sorry about that.

More good news, though, so we can end this post on a good note: We're back on with another taping tonight. And stopping by this evening's session? Denton's very own Matthew and The Arrogant Sea. The band has kindly accepted our invitation to join us in Oak Cliff and debut some new songs off its upcoming sophomore release. Should be quite the time--these free-to-attend sessions usually are--so feel free to stop on by the Yes Go Productions studio at 122 E. 5th St. in Oak Cliff at 7 p.m. for tonight's taping.

One condition, though, per the band's ever-perplexing fontman Matthew Gray: If you're gonna come, come in facepaint or in a costume.

Honestly, I have no idea why. He just asked that I pass the word along. So, y'know, don't say I didn't warn you...

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