DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 1: Air Review

And if it's the YouTube you want, well, look no further.

We'll close out our pre-Thanksgiving day with a feast for the eyes and ears, straight from our kitchen to yours: episode one of our new weekly video series, DC9 Live at El Sibil.

Two weeks ago Pete mentioned that after 27 weeks of graciously hosting DC9 in SPACE, the closing of the Deep Ellum gallery left our weekly videos searching for a home. Last week, we found one -- and we're pretty excited about the possibilities the new location has to offer for future episodes.

After a Thanksgiving break, we'll be back on schedule, with free weekly shows in the Oak Cliff landmark known as "El Sibil." The big vine-covered house overlooking Lake Cliff, and the Dallas skyline beyond it, is the onetime home/studio built 80 years ago by frontier artist Frank Reaugh. A fire destroyed the house years later, right on down to the walk-in vault from which "El Sibil" takes its name. We're looking forward to continuing our weekly video series at El Sibil, with some help and hospitality from its current occupant, photographer/filmmaker Jason Whitbeck.

The local five-piece outfit Air Review joined us last week, along with a couple dozen of the band's friends, for a mellowed-out selection of cuts from their debut Landmarks. Along with a free mp3 from the band back in August, Pete mentioned the "impressive instrumental chops and a serious, impressive knack for vocal harmony" evident in the album -- check out the video above to hear for yourself. Along with Air Review's performance, you'll hear their thoughts on recording an album before playing live shows, and some fond memories from the band's earliest days.

We're off tonight for the Thanksgiving holiday, but here's hoping you can join us next Wednesday night for episode two of our new series, live at El Sibil.

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Patrick Michels
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