DC9atNight and WeDentonDoIt Present: Delorean

Welcome to a new joint venture between DC9 at Night and the folks at We Denton Do It aimed at introducing local audiences to up-and-coming acts they may have missed during recent stops through town. They're the kind of acts we think you're gonna want to know--and right away, as, in our minds, they seem primed to blow. So sit back, watch and enjoy, bros.

After 10 years of performing together, 2010 has finally seen Spain's Delorean breaking out in the States, thanks in large part to its ambient, transporting Subiza release, which has seen the band, among other praises, compared to the likes of Animal Collective and Phoenix. And that's fine by the band, which has spent the majority of its year touring American, as part of an attempt to increase its U.S. fanbase.

That's what brought the band to Denton last weekend for a show at Hailey's Club, where, despite pressing sound issues, the band still managed to offer up a phenomenal, lush set. And that's where our friends at WeDentonDoIt caught up with the band -- or, more specifically, band members Guillermo Astrain and Igor Escudeo -- for a charming, heavily accented pre-show chat about the band's influences, hopes and newfound affection for barbecue.

Give the interview a watch after the jump.

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