DC9er Mixtape, Vol. 43: DJ Redsean

See also: Vol. 42, Gabe Mendoza

See also: Vol. 41, Sissy Ross

We featured DJ Redsean (Sean Humphrey) nearly two years ago for the DC9er mixtape series. So when the local DJ reached out with a new mix, we didn't see any harm in featuring him again, especially since we feel like this one makes for a solid weekend soundtrack. So here it is, along with a fresh Q&A.

What have you been up to since your last DC9er interview? Cutting my hair, making tunes, and losing my tolerance for bullshit in general. Also, playing with lasers.

Who are some of your favorite local acts? I wish I could get out to shows more often, but I obviously love Ishi, as well as Blackstone Rangers and Zhora. I think technically you could call Perseus local, too. The whole French Express label has been killing it lately.

Where do you cruise for music/what are your favorite blogs? I've been trying to craft a superb personal dashboard in Soundcloud. A lot of times the artists I follow will favorite new songs from people I've never heard of, and I like that personal dynamic of discovery. Blogs seem to be running through the motions these days, for the most part.

Other than the nights you DJ, what are some of your favorite nights in Dallas to frequent? Since I work every weekend night, I don't get to visit as many places and people as I'd like to, but I've been wanting to go to It'll Do. I also always enjoy The Funeral Party at Beauty Bar when I can make it out. Most of all I miss going to live shows, though.

Who are some of your favorite influences, musical or otherwise? Lasers and cats. And analog synthesizers. And dub echoes.

What can Dallas expect from you in 2012? Currently, I'm wrapping up the string of remixes I've been working on for the past few months, and I'm looking to put out an EP of originals featuring collaborations and vocals from various area artists by the end of the year. Also lasers.

Where will you be playing next? I'm playing a heavier dance set at Eternal Afterhours this Saturday night, August 4 (Sunday morning 5-6 a.m.), and I'm very excited to be opening for the Drive Tour on August 10 featuring College, Anoraak and Electric Youth. As far as residencies, I play every Sunday at the Hotel ZaZa pool, every first and third Wednesdays at Beauty Bar, and you can always find me fiddling with tunes and lasers at Rio Room. It's like my home away from home.

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