Denton Library Books Indie-Rock Exhibit

Feeling nostalgic for the good ol' days of the Denton music scene, before the New York Times and Paste recognized the greatness of the Little D? The Emily Fowler branch of the Denton Public Library is displaying a collection of photos and memorabilia spanning 30 years of rock, alt-rock, indie-rock and other music.

Writes library employee and exhibit curator Chuck Voellinger on the library's blog, "Everyone knows about the Jazz scene here but I thought it might be cool to put up a collection of ephemera and realia relating to the Rock, Alt, Indie and just downright uncategorizable music that sprouts in these parts. ... What you will see: old fliers, cassettes (remember those?), local label releases, many photos, CDs, articles, etc. representing bands and clubs such as: Schwantz Lefantz, Last Rites, Centro-Matic, Little Jack Melody, The Library, The Rock Lottery."

While the exhibit can't include every items from every Denton band to ever pick up a guitar or oscillator, Voellinger welcomes additional submissions. See his blog entry for contact info.

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