Details On Weezer's Upcoming Dallas Gig...Or, Rather, Dallas-Area Gig

So, since it seems we're off on a blazing slow blog day, I figured I'd put this out there (even though its already been alluded to in our comments section): Weezer, as we expected, will be coming to the area in the near future. If, well, "near future," in your mind, calculates to October 21.

'Cause that's when the Weeze, with opening acts Angels & Airwaves and Tokyo Police Club in tow, will take to the stage at Grand Prairie's Nokia Theater (OK, so it's not Dallas, as the band's use of this song may have implied, but close enough).

No word on ticket sales yet, I don't think. Hell, it's not even listed on Nokia's site, even though we just got the official presser about it from Weezer's publicity people...

But we'll keep you posted. Oh, and, as for the video above, it's for "Pork and Beans" off the band's still new-ish red album. And it tries being all cute by incorporating all these Web celebs and viral concepts into it. Which, I guess, is cool. But not as cool as this one from Rivers and Co., that's for sure --Pete Freedman

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