DMA Teams Up With Polyphonic Spree, Gallerycat and Luna Matto For a "Late Night"

It was just a month ago when we started down a trail that lead to Preteen Zenith, Tim DeLaughter's new act.

The item that perked our ears up? Well, it was the announcement of a free Polyphonic Spree show that will take place tonight as Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art presents the Spree out on the museum's Ross Avenue Plaza at 9 p.m. Bring your blankets and what-not, because the seating is all out on a very well-kept lawn.

But don't get too comfortable -- because, before any of that happens, Polyphonic Spree member Luna Matto will perform out on the Museum's Flora Street Cafe on her own.

Later on in the evening, GalleryCat performs, too, inside the atrium at 10 p.m.

Here's the rub: the P-Spree show is free, but GalleryCat will cost $10. But once you've paid that fee, though, you can roam around the museum at your leisure. Or, you can just stay put out on Ross, since DJ Wild In The Streets will close out the night with her collection of garage and psych records.

We're interested to see what kind of show the Spree will bring to the DMA tonight. Unfortunately, the band's staying rather mum on that front. But we do have some insight. Hit the jump to see a bunch of Polyphonic Spree poster prototypes for tonight's event.

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