Does Amarillo Have Better Radio Than Dallas?

Making my way back to Big D after a week spent camping in Utah and Arizona, I stumbled upon KWTS 91.1 FM out of Amarillo. Broadcasting from the West Texas A&M University campus, this little oasis of deep indie rock kept me locked in until the signal finally diminished just outside of Wichita Falls.

For those couple of hours, though, and on a Sunday afternoon, no less, my family and I were serenaded by the likes of Los Camesinos!, The Ting Tings, Benjy Ferree, Vetiver, Mates of State, Woodpigeon, The Bird and Bee and lots more.

Not a bum song for 120 minutes ain't bad at all, my friends. Sure saved me from a dreary drive staring at flatlands and oil fields.

Once I was back in town, I scanned the dial listening vainly for a local station that had half the balls of that distant panhandle paradise. Thankfully, I found that KWTS broadcasts online, so I've been checking out the weekly programming as well. And guess what? It's all fantastic.

Who knew such greatness was hidden away in the bleak terrain of Northwest Texas?

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