#doma2012: Your Instagrams from the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase

So, the Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase is a total voice-stealer. Somewhere between the Atomic Tanlines' primal howl of a show at Reno's and downing an entire box of Triscuits in bed, I lost the ability to speak out loud. My point is, it was a helluva time. It was 60-plus bands packed into Deep Ellum's bars, from Reno's to Prophet Bar, under a windy night sky.

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Yesterday we asked you to hash tag #doma2012 whilst Instragramming the DOMA showcase. And so you did: these are our favorite shots from your night out in Deep Ellum. Thanks, everyone. Of course, if you have more shots from the night, hash tag 'em #doma2012 and we'll add to the post.

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Have more shots from last night's showcase you want to share? Tag #doma2012, and we'll drop 'em in!

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