Dorrough Rides Around Prairie View A&M Like He's Van Wilder. Write That Down.

Dorrough's still spending his days as a BET darling, and, as such, spent part of last week taking a crew from's The Deal on a tour of his old stomping grounds as a student at Prairie View A&M University. In the clip above, you can watch Dorrough and his crew's take on the event, as they, too, filmed the whole thing while the BET cameras were rolling. Among the highlights:

  • Dorrough's sweet new chain piece--which features a picture of himself on it.
  • Dorrough riding around campus in a golf cart like Van Wilder.
  • A group of students singing along to every single word of "Ice Cream Paint Job."
  • A performance from Prairie View A&M's marching band.
  • Dorrough promising that he's going to one day return to the school to get his business marketing degree.
Not sure about the last one--but our thought process might just be a little distracted by Dorrough's new single, "Wired to the T."

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Pete Freedman
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