Dorrough, THe BAcksliders and A Bird A Sparrow Each Release Christmas Songs. (Or: It's Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas!)

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To end today's blog day, a few treats to pass along your way, courtesy of a trio of local artists already over all this Thanksgiving business. Yep, three acts, all from vastly different facets of the local music scene have already moved on, releasing Christmas songs for your listening pleasure.

They are? National hip-hop sensation Dorrough, area blues-rock favorites THe BAcksliders and mall-punk trio A Bird A Sparrow.

Let's check 'em out, one at a time...

A Bird A Sparrow -- "Doesn't Feel Like Christmas At All"
Where to Hear It: Stream via MySpace
Synopsis: These lovelorn suburban rockers just can't believe that it's already Christmastime. Worse, they can't believe they're spending the holiday with you. Yes, you. And without you? Well, that's no holiday, brah. Turns out, it's actually something of sweet little song--no surprise there given the above sentiments expressed within it. And this song from the group, recently downgraded from a quintet to a trio, is far less in-your-face riff-rock/power-pop than usual. After all, let's face it: This is a band that has a song called "Best Friends Forever," and isn't Saved By The Bell's Zack Attack. As such, standard post-emo whinery remains abundant. But, hey, we hear harmonica! So it could be worse.
Verdict: 5 jingle balls out of 10.

(After the jump, check out free downloads of new Christmas-themed songs from both Dorrough and THe BAcksliders, as well as commentary on those releases.)

Dorrough -- "I Want (Hood Christmas)"

Where to Hear It: Right-click the above link and "Save As" to download it. Or stream it below.

Synopsis: Looks like the time's come for Dorrough to make his Christmas wish list. And, hey now, he just realized that all he really wants is "a bunch of bitches under [his] tree, assorted from the smallest to the biggest." Also, he'd rather not have any drama from his baby mama, please. Better yet, he tells you all this over a tricked-out "Deck The Halls"-sampled beat--yeah, buddy. It's not quite "Ice Cream Paint Job" or "Walk That Walk," no. But it's damn near close to being as good as anything else on Dorrough's Dorrough Music debut, making this a fine addition to your holiday playlists. Also, this song is laugh-out-loud hilarious at least the first six times you hear it, if not more.
Verdict: 9 jingle balls out of 10.

THe BAcksliders -- "Christmas (Doesn't Have To Be So Bad)"

Where to Hear It: Right-click the above link and "Save As" to download it. Or stream it below.

Synopsis: Chris Bonner, who takes the lead on this track from THe BAcksliders (giving wife and frontwoman Kim Pendleton-Bonner a much-needed break from band-leading duties), is upset that kids are sneaking around looking for their presents in their parents' closets. Seriously: WTF, kids?!?!? Worse, Bonner doesn't like that, when kids grow up, they have this whole attitude, y'know, thinking Christmas is a joke and that it's just kids stuff. Not so, Bonner says: "Christmas doesn't have to be so bad," guys! We;re not sure if that's how THe BAcksliders do Christmas--something the band schooled us on last year when it also released a Christmas track for download. Last year's effort was less about the childhood spirit and more about messing around during the holidays--and we tend to prefer that notion over this one, since we've already seen The Santa Clause. But all in all, this isn't a wholly bad effort either.
Verdict: 6.5 jingle balls out of 10.

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