Download: Astronautalis -- "This City Ain't Just A Skyline"

Download: Astronautalis -- "This City Ain't Just A Skyline"

I stumbled across the after being directed there by a couple of tweets earlier this week. The reason? Sometimes locally based hip-hop favorite Astronautalis was appearing on the site's podcast--and for a pretty interesting reason, too.

See, the site's been hosting a competition for its readers to submit beats and remixes inspired by the video game Tetris Attack. And Astronautalis, a big fan of the game himself (hear him geek out on the game in the site's podcast this week--he appears about 36 or so minutes in), was brought in to judge the competition.

But the SMU alum has a history of going above and beyond--and this circumstance is no different. This time, rather than simply select the winner (a reworking of the game's "Poochy's Theme" song, written by Evers McGee), the man born Andy Bothwell also added lyrics and turned the thing into a whole damn song. It's kind of a jam, too, actually. Called "This City Ain't Just A Skyline", it's a song, Astronautalis says in the podcast, "that nerds can really associate with," based on a relationship he had in high school with a girl who, although maybe the prettiest in school (or so Bothwell says), just wasn't for him.

Stream it after the jump. Or download it here. And we highly recommend you do.

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