Download Automorrow's "Martians" For Free

Fort Worth's punk/reggae/alt-rock trio Automorrow is busy finishing up the band's debut full-length due out later this year. In the meantime, the band is offering the untitled album's second single, "Martians," for free to anyone who wants it. Go here to check out what the innovative threesome is up to.

This second release single was among the songs recorded during Automorrow's live streaming studio sessions in October, where fans were invited to stop in and observe the process. And it's quite different from the first single, "Get Your Own Friends," which was released as a free download in January. While "Friends" showed the band's punk influence, "Martians" is happy to revel in an alt-rock/dub groove. Both songs, however, show the band's ability to walk genre lines with ease.

Automorrow hasn't played a live show in a while, choosing instead to concentrate on recording the full-length. Judging by the first two singles and the band's impressive EP, Diver, that came out in 2008, the fortunes for this Fort Worth trio would seem to be on the rise

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