Download: Giggle Party -- "Big Bang"

Looks like the often out-of-control Giggle Party has started to to throw a little more organization onto its plate: Today, the band debuted its new song "Big Bang" on its new site, partytodeath.com. It's all part of a plan the group is calling the "Party to Death Project," in which, once a week (a la Damaged Good$ a bit, only more frequently), on every Tuesday, the band will release a song for free 24-hour download on its site, right up until its full-length debut earns its release in April.

Not a bad deal, offering up free music once a week to anyone who remembers to check your new site, right? Not bad at all.

Meanwhile, this first track's not too bad, either. Featuring more vocals from keyboardist Kat Michie than was seen on the band's still-free-for-download, debut EP, the song also finds the band toning things down a bit. It's a slight, but hardly complete, change in direction.

Take a listen to it after the jump.

Keep an eye out for potential remixes from this and other future Giggle Party songs, as the band has mentioned that it will be working with area mash-up artist LehtMoJoe on a few edits to its songs.

And, lastly, don't forget to catch the band's Kettle Art gallery gig on January 30 in support of its exclusive London-based visual artist, Damien Weighill, and his debut Dallas art show.
<a href="http://giggleparty.bandcamp.com/track/big-bang">Big Bang by Giggle Party</a>

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.