Sweet shirt, Robert. Flemmons put you up to that?
Sweet shirt, Robert. Flemmons put you up to that?
Johnnie Cluney

Download: Robert Gomez's Daytrotter Session

If there's one regret we have, looking back on our list of the 40 best songs of 2009, it's that, somehow, we completely forgot about Robert Gomez's rather brilliant 2009 release Pine Sticks and Phosphorus and, specifically, "The Hunting Song."

How? Because, well, sometimes, we're idiots. And by "we," I most definitely am referring to myself, and myself alone. Just so we're clear.

Fortunately, the folks at Daytrotter have far better memories than I. Case in point: Over the weekend, the site posted its spare recording session with Mr. Gomez, whose music fits ever-so-perfectly in with the recording style of the studio the site uses. Seriously, check it out.

Check the kind words writer Sean Moeller has for Gomez's sounds:

[What] Gomez brings to the forefront with his unglamorous, but brilliant and striking nods... is a sense that the lost souls will still get by. He hints at this by suggesting that, lest we ever forget it, that the winter is still winning, but we're here and we haven't given up completely yet.

Check the art, too (see above, right) which finds Gomez repping Denton pretty hard, wearing a Baptist Generals tee.

And, definitely, check the tunes. For all the above reasons.

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