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Drinking on the Job: Drowning Pool Members Unsuccessfully Tend Bar at The Boiler Room

Last Thursday, we caught wind of a publicity stunt being pulled by Drowning Pool member Stevie Benton. And, of course, we took the bait.

He announced via Facebook that he and fellow Drowning Pool member, drummer Mike Luce, would be tending bar at his newly purchased and reopened club The Boiler Room on this past Friday night.

"It's going to be a disaster," said Benton, during an interview with DC9.

So, we immediately pictured Benton and Luce in the weeds, trying to throw together cocktails for a crowd of angry customers. We even halfway expected to see the two doing a choreographed bottle tossing Cocktail routine.

Turns out, though, that wasn't quite the case.

When we showed up at the club around quarter after 11, the place was pretty crowded, but the two band members didn't seem very busy at all. During our hour-long stay, business certainly picked up, but Benton and Luce had padded the bar with a couple of backup bartenders. Good thing, too.

The beer we got from Benton was about 80 percent foam. He sort of reveled in the mistake, though, poking fun at his complete lack of bar knowledge.

He asked if we wanted to do a shot, and what our preference was. We said "Maker's," to which he responded, "Which one's that?"

After an extended search, he came back with a pour that was certainly worth the wait -- and the shenanigans.

We then asked him about the most difficult drink order he had to fill.

"Royal Fuck," he said. When we asked what was in it, he responded, "I can't remember."

One would think that someone who has spent almost his entire career in a bar would be able to spot the waxy red top of a Maker's, but it will probably be better for Benton and Luce if they stay on the other side of the bar.

Oh yeah, and there was a guy walking around with a Boa constrictor around his neck. Interesting as it was, that was our cue to leave, just before bodies started hitting the floor, we surmise.

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