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Drowning Pool Members to Tend Bar at Newly Re-Opened Boiler Room Venue Tomorrow Night

It appears that Drowning Pool bassist Stevie Benton is fully committed to his new post as owner of The Boiler Room in Deep Ellum.

When we spoke to him a few weeks ago, just after he had reopened the Deep Ellum bar, he told us he'd basically opened for business the day he got the keys.

He's still working out all the kinks, though. On a recent visit to the newly reopened club, the doors were locked, but green laser lights were being shot all over the room. I guess they must've been testing things out to make sure the club is in top form.

After all, opening a bar is probably a good investment for Benton, seeing as the name recognition for his band alone is a huge draw for longtime Ellum dwellers. Essentially, all he has to do is hang out and people will show up.

Tomorrow night, though, he's taking things a step further.

With the help of his fellow Drowning Pool member, drummer Mike Luce, Benton will be tending bar tomorrow night at The Boiler Room. Judging by the comments posted by the two bandmates on the Facebook invite page for the event, it could be a catastrophe.

"It's going to be a disaster," confirms Benton to DC9 this afternoon, when we called him to get the scoop on the event.

The good news, however, is that Benton is practicing for the event. Kind of.

"I just got done watching that movie Cocktail over and over," he says with a laugh.

Let's just hope there's no speeches.

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