Mostly Shot at The Boiler Room...">

Drowning Pool's Music Video For "Let The Sin Begin" Was Mostly Shot at The Boiler Room...

We've had a handful of stories recently on DC9 featuring Dallas heavy metal heavyweights Drowning Pool -- thanks mostly to the band's bass player, Stevie Benton, who purchased and took over operations at Deep Ellum's The Boiler Room back in June. He even attempted to tend bar one night.

Now, the band is back in the news, thanks again to the music venue. Because, well, that's where a majority of the newly released music video for their song "Let the Sin Begin" was shot.

The video begins with a really slick looking dude and a totally hot blond babe in a Hummer stopping for gas. While the dude goes in to pay and take a leak or whatever, another hot brunette "bad girl" type of babe with tattoos pulls up in a tricked out Trans-Am.

Predictably, blond babe ditches slick dude to go with bad girl.

The two babes then cruise through the wilderness and end up at The Boiler Room, which, in the video, is really a strip club/casino with Drowning Pool jamming on the stage. From there, things devolve into the two girls making out while people play craps until slick dude crashes the party.

Suddenly, the words "To Be Continued" flash across the screen and the video ends. So, apparently, there's more to come.

Really, though, aside from the ridiculous concept -- and the complete misinterpretation of what any casino/strip club we've ever been to looks like -- the video looks pretty cool. And, hey, if this is what it'll be like, then we're very much looking forward to casino night at The Boiler Room.

Give 'er a watch after the jump.

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