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Dustin Cavazos Releases New Video, Free EP Download

When we first met Dustin Cavazos, he was one half of the surprisingly interesting screamo-hop outfit Scuba Team Go, combining his creative beats with an even more inventive combination of styles. These days, though, the skate-hopper's been focusing on his solo material, still creating his own immediately recognizable beats and covering them with his similarly recognizable slow-paced, deep, thoughtful vocals.

And this week in particular has been a big one for Cavazos and his solo efforts, seeing the release of both the above video (the song for which serves as the intro to his upcoming full-length release) and a new EP called The Shelly, which he's offered up to fans as a free download you can access right here.

The EP's a promising release from the talented emcee, if a little too reserved stylistically--although the countrified fourth track, "I Hope You Do," certainly hints at a man capable of much more than his Mike Shinoda-esque deliverery. And though they all adhere to a singular formula, other tracks, like the organ-heavy "I Must Admit," the deliberately paced "Sometimes Clouds Only Want To Help The Sky" and the poppy, sample-heavy closing track, "My Best," showcase an artist worth watching.

I know we at DC9 will be doing so. The Shelly serves as a fulfilling appetizer for what's to come, but here's hoping the full-length sees more of the party anthems with which Cavazos first caught our attention...

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