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Eisley Announces Split From Warner Bros.

In November, when we spoke last with Eisley's Stacy Dupree, the singer implied that she and her family/bandmates weren't necessarily all that stoked with their situation at Warner Bros. Records. But, she asked at the time, she said she'd rather not talk too openly about that situation on record. Rather, she offered up this quote:

"Honestly, next year, we're gonna hit it harder than we ever have. We're coming into our own as a band and growing tired of the restrictions being put on us. Hopefully, we'll become a little more independent. I'm extremely excited."
In retrospect, the word "independent" sure stands out: Early this morning, the Tyler-based outfit went ahead and announced on its blog a split from Warner Bros. In a post over on the band's Web site. The father of the clan, Boyd, explains:
By now many of you might have noticed that Eisley has neither a 3rd album out... nor a release date for it. There's a reason for that. We've been waiting patiently to fill you in on what's really going on... We have been complaining for years. You have no idea how long we've wanted this.
Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it's kinda fitting that this announcement comes pretty much hand-in-hand with the release of this video of Stacy covering Fleetwood Mac's "Silver Spring" (which you can go ahead and watch after the jump). A dispute over that song, which this Fleetwood Mac fan site explains, was what eventually lead to Nicks' leaving the band.

If nothing else, it sounds like we can expect the band's third full-length release to be out at some point in 2010...

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