Eisley's Still Planning On a 2010 Full-Length, Gives You A Free Christmas Song

The girls of Tyler's Eisley plopped themselves in front of a webcam last week to film the above clip, in which viewers can see the Sisters DuPree mocking their missing brother and cousin, pretending to smoke pot, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas (and/or Happy Birthday), and thanking their fans for being patient as they await the group's next full-length. And they, like, so promise this time that they're really close this time, guys. No reason to believe they aren't, though. When we heard from lead vocalist Stacy back in November, the conversation centered around the band expecting to be super busy in 2010.

Turns out, though, the group got started a little early: Last week, on Christmas Eve, the band posted the above clip on its Web site and released a free download of its cover of "Oh Holy Night," which is still available for download here. It's actually a pretty gorgeous rendition, centering around Stacy's delicate, soothing vocals. Worth a download, for sure, even if your cold, black heart is already well past giving a crap about Christmas.

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