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Erykah Badu at the Granada: A Dispatch from the Bad Bitch Box

Editor: Erykah Badu played a birthday show last night at the Granada. Two of those in the sold-out crowd were DC9 at Night writers Vanessa Quilantan and Deb Doing Dallas, who set up camp on the balcony. Here is their report.

Deb Doing Dallas: Going to an Erykah Badu show in Dallas isn't only about the music. For most of Dallas, Tuesday was a marathon of birthday wishes and social media connections taking roll calls of who would be there, who you'd meet, and of who you hoped to see. Personally, Badu becomes a connector. An artist who unites a group of strangers with a special bond. Before the show we trade stories of previous shows, favorite interview clips and anecdotes of friends of friends telling outlandish stories of "diva" behavior around town. We are all connecting ourselves to her, someone's friend of a cousin of a husband, our neo-soul Lady of the Lake, making her appearance in our backseat.

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Deb Doing Dallas and Vanessa Quilantan