Erykah Badu Sheds Light on Her Formative Years In Dallas In an Interview With GQ

With Erykah Badu, you almost always get more than you bargained for. Attendees at our most recent Dallas Observer Music Awards ceremony at House Of Blues were treated to a seven-song-set of mostly brand new material from the local singer, when she was only obligated to play three songs. And, at the afterparty, she turned up at Double Wide and took over the DJ booth.

That being said, it doesn't come as a surprise that Badu shed so much light on her upbringing here in Dallas in an interview that GQ posted earlier today. She waxes poetic about growing up in Texas, saying "Texas, to me, was my school, home, my Church sometimes, the movies sometimes."

According to the article, she cut her teeth in her early 20s working at Steve Harvey's comedy house. She worked her way up to stage manager and says she even went onstage a few times and tried her hand at stand-up. It's an interesting read, in which she mentioned her forthcoming, Flying Lotus-produced record. Check it out over at GQ.

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