Ever Wonder What Rick Perry Would Look Like Gobbling Dozens of Tampons?

This summer saw a bit of a kerfuffle around abortion in Texas. Emotions may run high on both sides, but we can all agree that Governor Rick Perry has taken a heavy-handed interest in the goings-on of Texas vaginas. It even caught the attention of noted gentleman-scholar Blowfly. The usually tasteful South Florida rapper was so preoccupied with Perry's vaginal focus that he took a break from singing about cumming in his own hand at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival at the Paramount Theater in Austin last Friday that he got the audience to play a few rounds of the Rick Perry Memorial Texas Tampon Toss.

The game, which will hopefully turn up at the State Fair next, is simple: throw tampons into the Kermit-the-Frog-shaped mouth cut into a poster of Rick Perry's face. If you win, your prize is fewer tampons (and fewer places for a legal abortion in Texas, but you get that whether or not you play).

It makes sense. With less birth control and more pregnancies there certainly won't be need for so many tampons. Perhaps all along Perry has been hoping to kill off demand so he could hoard them all for himself.

If the Tampon Toss wasn't endearing enough already, it was also made by Joanna Satana of Dallas. We love an industrious local.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.