Ex Black Tie Dynasty Members to Debut New Band, Release New Record at Granada Theater

As we've talked about in recent weeks, the Fort Worth music scene is on top of its game. And, The Burning Hotels are leading the charge, with a newly released self titled LP that has redefined their sound. Their recent show at Dada was a big success, according to piece in the print edition of DC9 At Night, so it only makes since that they're taking today to announce their biggest Dallas show yet.

"The Local Edge," hosted by the Dallas Observer Music Award winner for Best Local Music Advocate, Mark Schectman, present The Burning Hotels, Mon Julien, Air Review and Menkena at the Granada Theater on Saturday, January 14.

The show is significant not only because it's the biggest for The Burning Hotels, but it marks the return of members from another big Fort Worth Act, Black Tie Dynasty. Longtime friends, singer Cory Watson and keyboardist Brian McCorquodale have started a new band called Mon Julien, who will be celebrating the release of their Idol Records debut on the same night.

Watson and McCorquodale seem to have left the '80s pop of Black Tie Dynasty behind, and followed the darker, more melancholy feel of their music a step further. Their Facebook page calls it "refined moody pop," but it's a little too early to tell since the group hasn't released any music yet.

One thing we can assume is that the quality of the record will be good. Midlake's Mckenzie Smith and former Black Tie Dynasty bassist Blake McWhorter both sat in on the record, which was produced by The Polyphonic Spree's Mark Pirro. For the live show, Smith and Pirro will make up the rhythm section, and Preteen Zenith's Dylan Silvers will add a second guitar.

If all goes well, according to Granada Theater's marketing dude Gavin Mulloy, it's possible that the show will spark a local series. But, with a bill like this, it's hard to imagine it going any other way.

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