Executive Notes: Top Ten Musical Moments In Presidential History

10. John McCain sings "Bomb Iran"

9. Bill Clinton plays saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show We can't find any clips of that turning point in the 1992 election online, but here's a clip of him jamming on "Every Day I Have The Blues."

8. The Presidents of the United States of America release "Lump"

7. Marilyn Monroe serenades John F. Kennedy

6. Ronald Reagan stars in military musical This Is The Army

5. Franklin D. Roosevelt sings with the Little Orphan in Annie

4. Bruce Springsteen ceases and desists the Reagan campaign use of "Born In The U.S.A."

3. Sarah Palin gets funky on Saturday Night Live

2. Barack Obama says "Thanks But No Thanks" To Ludacris for "Obama Is Here"

1.George Bush sings "My Way" Regrets? He's had a few. --Pete Freedman, Jesse Hughey, Merritt Martin, Michelle Mathews, Patrick Michels

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