Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things

With just 100 cassette tape copies available at $5 apiece, Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things are selling Iced Aged as a sort of fund-raiser to get the band's own Pour Le Corps tape and vinyl label up and running. But while the album is primarily a stepping-stone to release future albums from EWAMOT as well as other artists, it certainly doesn't feel like a tossed-off placeholder.

Iced Aged isn't an entirely instrumental album, but with the vocals on "Moonrise," "La Zombi" and "I Wait For You Lobo" buried in so much echo, it almost might as well be. Elements of slowcore, shoegaze and '60s psychedelic garage rock all combine as the album seamlessly builds to sonic crests, crashes and repeats. It's wonderful background music, which is not meant to be a backhanded compliment at all. Rather, the album's hypnotic, gentle melodies are perfect for long drives.

The name of the album is appropriate enough, as the shimmering, vibrato- and reverb-drenched guitars and background Moog keyboards all give it a cool, inviting feel that you'd almost swear manage to bring the temperature down a few degrees.

Actually, it's an ideal summer album—so long as the tape doesn't melt on the front seat of your car.

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Jesse Hughey
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