FADER Catches Up With Play-N-Skillz

Credit where it's due, FADER: Your D-Town Boogie coverage? It's really been phenomenal. Seriously! You lack the benefit of being in the thick of it all--like, say, us, for better or worse---watching these artists on a day-to-day basis. And yet, unlike so many other national media outlets, you're not ignoring the movement--not at all. Rather you're staying on top of it, writing about the scene in depth, and checking back in with regularity.

It's impressive.

So, in many ways, the above interview, posted to FADER's site last week, should come as no surprise. Featuring Play-N-Skillz, which always seems eager to talk about its latest projects (putting out its Recession Proof mixtape, producing cuts for Nelly's new album), this clip serves as the site's year-out check-in after last year's feature on the then-burgeoning Dallas rap community. Check it out.

(Hat tip.)


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