Fergus and Geronimo May Have Two Releases in 2010--And Maybe A New Sound, Too?

Fergus and Geronimo May Have Two Releases in 2010--And Maybe A New Sound, Too?

Well, it looks like its going to be another busy year for Andrew Savage and Jason Kelly of Denton's Fergus & Geronimo. Because, according to this posted-this-morning interview with Savage for Paste Magazine's Best of What's Next feature, in addition to touring through the Midwest, the east coast and the UK, the Denton duo plans on releasing both a full-length and an EP before year's end.

It's an interesting interview that sheds a lot of light into the band's creative process: Savage says the band's sound on those upcoming releases will be much higher quality, less poppy, and a little more moody--which, well, kinda sounds like a completely different sound than we've heard on the band's first handful of songs. But, turns out, there's a perfectly good reason for that, as Savage explains:

"With Fergus & Geronimo, there isn't a whole lot of collaboration, so I guess there's a lot of Jason songs that are really, really poppy and kind of garage-y, and my songs are maybe a little bit darker. But there are some soul ones and there's a doo-wop song in there, too. One thing I should add, probably, is that the first three singles that came out really fast all at once--the Woodsist, the Tic Tac Totally and the Transparent one--me and Jason recorded those within the first week of being a band.

So one of the reasons that the LP is going to sound different is because we've been a band for roughly a year now, and all of our recorded output that's on a hard copy right now is from our first week of being in a band. Like 'Harder Than It's Ever Been' and 'Powerful Lovin'' were literally our first practices recorded, you know? So we had no idea that people would even like this stuff, let alone want to put it out. The idea of a band changes from the first week that you're together."

Read the whole thing here.


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