Flying Lotus Shares Some Insights Into His Upcoming Erykah Badu Collaboration

We've known for about a month at this point that Erykah Badu and fellow funk space cadet Flying Lotus were up to something together. And not just a music video, either -- although the two do already have two such shared projects under their collective caps. This one, we've been lead to believe, is on more of a sonic tip.

Now, courtesy of my old friends at the Colorado Springs Independent, we've got some insight into the project. Bill Forman, music editor of my old rag, recently caught up with Flying Lotus in advance of the performer's stop along the Front Range of Colorado. And the very first questions he asked? All about Badu, natch.

No word yet on when we can expect the collaborative project's release, but, still, check out an excerpt from the interview -- in which FlyLo describes his work with Badu as something like universes colliding -- after the jump.

So I understand Erykah Badu is among the artists who've sat in with you recently. How's that album you're doing with her coming?
It's dope, man. I feel like I'm taking it where I need to go, and she's taking it where she needs to go. Yeah, I think it's cool, you know? Our universes collide and we make a very beautiful thing happen hopefully.

She's a pretty deep person, and not just musically. Have you two gotten much of a chance to talk?
Absolutely, yeah, it's a good match. We both vibe on some very serious stuff. You know, there's always connections beyond the music. It's like we come from similar places spiritually. Right out of the gate, we were like, "Oh yeah, we're from the same tribe, ain't we?"

Read the full interview with FlyLo here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.