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Former Pimpadelic Member Brandon Kord Murphy Found Dead in Rehearsal Space

There has already been an appalling amount of local musician deaths in the past year, but now we must add to that list one more -- the death of former Pimpadelic member Brandon Kord Murphy, who, according to former Pimpadelic manager Scott Beggs, was found dead in a rehearsal space sometime early yesterday.

"He was found in a rehearsal space already dead, but the paramedics were able to revive him," says Beggs.

Murphy was then rushed to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, where he was placed on life support. According to Beggs, where there were no signs of brain activity and his heart had failed, doctors took Murphy off of life support at 3 p.m.

He was officially declared dead at 3:20.

Update: Hit the jump to read Murphy's brother Lance Murphy's account.

Known to his fans as Dirty K, Murphy was part of the original Pimpadelic lineup, and was featured on the band's first three records.

But, in 1996, his involvement in a robbery resulted in a second-degree felony charge, to which he plead guilty. He was sentenced to probation, but he broke the sentence terms in 2000, which led to his departure from the band.

A funeral will take place on Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Biggers Funeral Home (6100 Azle Ave.) in Fort Worth.

Update: Lance Murphy's account of Brandon Kord Murphy's untimely death:

Kord was visiting his son on Thursday when he began feeling ill. Knowing the
critical nature of his condition (primary pulmonary hypertension) he
subsequently decided to be taken to the hospital that evening. He was
cognizant and stable when EMS arrived as well as when he was admitted to JPS
for observation and testing. I left Kord's room at around 2:30 on Friday. A
few hours later we received a call that he had gone into cardiac arrest and
had been moved to the ICU where he was resuscitated and placed on a
ventilator. (He was not brain dead but a coma was induced) The doctor
determined on Sunday that the progression of his disease and the damage from
the heart attack that his heart and lungs would remain in a state that would
never be able to sustain his life. At this point the family made the
decision to let him pass on peacefully. Primary pulmonary hypertension is
idiopathic meaning there is no known cause.

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