Four Shows To Get You Off Your Ass Tonight

Hope you speak Spanish, 'cause tonight's biggest show -- by far, and no offense, Charlie Robison  -- will be brought to you

en español


Asta Kask, The Marked Men, Toys That Kill, Teargas and Chinese Telephones at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton
Hailing from Sweden, Asta Kask is a classic, old-school punk band. Although they sing in Swedish, the snotty attitude still comes shining through in songs with titles most Americans cannot pronounce. Although Asta Kask is very popular across Europe, this is the first time the band has toured the U.S. Which explains how Denton's The Marked Men, who pretty much never play any more, got roped into joining this bill.

Charlie Robison at 8.0 in Fort Worth
Houston's Charlie Robison makes his way up I-45 quite often to play our area and, each time, it's a treat for fans of Americana. Robison's the kind of astute singer-songwriter whose music is always thoughtful and rarely predictable. Tonight's performance is a solo acoustic affair, the kind of show that brings out the best in a tunesmith like Robison. Plus, it's been a while since Robison's last album came out, so he's certain to debut some new material.

Mason Douglas at Opening Bell Coffee
If Fort Worth is a bit of a drive for you to catch Charlie Robinson, you can still take in some well-written country music care of Nashville's Mason Douglas down at Opening Bell Coffee. Douglas is a bit more pop-oriented than Robinson, but that's not too much of a criticism. His style is well-suited to coffee houses; hence tonight's choice of venue. The guy has a nice way with melody that goes well with sipping some java.

Luis Miguel at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie
Definitely the biggest crowd of the evening will congregate at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, where Latin pop superstar Luis Miguel will hold court. Seriously, this guy's the big shit when it comes romantic music from south of the border. Miguel's record breaking-tour in 2007 grossed a cool $950 million, no big deal. Plus, the guy is a true man of the world: He speaks four languages fluently and he's a self-taught sommelier. All that and he sings pretty well, too.

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