(Free) Gig Alert: Manya Tonight at Café Rembrandt

Besides fronting the soft-rock ensemble Blue Petal and the poppier Morning Elephant, Russian-born Dallasite Manya Repnikova (see right) also leads a band named after, well, herself.

Hard to see (or hear) much difference between Blue Petal and Manya, though, especially since guitarist Pete Anderson (not the famous country producer) is in both bands. Indeed, both past Blue Petal releases feature the same ultra-mellow, polished pop that Manya now provides under her own moniker.

But such is minor quibbling, seeing that Repnikova is one talented lady in whatever group she may be leading. "Angelic" is the obvious adjective in describing Repnikova's pipes, but it's as an appropriate of a term as any, especially when one hears dreamy and graceful numbers such as "Golden Storybook" and "Saddest Lullaby."

Manya plays a free show tonight at Café Rembrandt opening up for her Morning Elephant collaborator Clay Pendergrass in Clay and the Electronic Cowboys project...

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