Free Reign Wins Revolver Magazine's Golden Gods Award For Most Metal Athletes

Congratulations are in order (I guess) for Dallas Cowboy linemen Marc Colombo, Cory Proctor and Leonard Davis.

When not working in the so-called trenches, those three make up three-fourths of area metal outfit Free Reign (guitarist Justin Chapman's just some dude, really). And, last night, the group kind of earned itself some legitimate stripes.

At Revolver Magazine's annual Golden Gods awards, in which honors are handed out to the most metal fill-in-the-blank of the year, Colombo, Davis and Proctor took home the prize as the most metal athletes, beating out the likes of retired MLB catcher Mike Piazza, WWE professional wrestler Chris Jericho, MMA fighter Josh Barnett, pro skater Jason Ellis and pro BMX rider Jolene Van Vugt.

Over twitter last night, Colombo thank the band's fans for voting it into victory. But the best comment about the band's win? That comes from Jericho, who, beyond being a WWE wrestler, is also something of a talking head on VH1 shows.

Told Jericho to Revolver: "I'd like to file a formal complaint that I lost Most Metal Athlete, singular, to the Dallas Cowboys, plural."

Dude raises a good point...

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