Freeze Your Butt Off With Some Lisa Loeb

Freeze Your Butt Off With Some Lisa Loeb

Not too much going on news-wise around here, but I am sure finding a butt load of area musicians' songs floating around the mythical blogosphere this afternoon. Like this one, from Dallas' own Lisa Loeb, who Jesse Hughey interviews in tomorrow's paper, actually, which I guess makes this post somewhat relevant (Loeb's in town to perform at the Meyerson Center's Deck The Hall event on Saturday).

Anyway, the NYC-based blog Star Maker Machine (modest!) has posted a whole bunch of snow-related songs in honor of the first snowfall hitting that area this past weekend. And, as such, it went ahead and posted a free download of Loeb's "Snow Day", which comes off her 1995 album Tails--an album, silly me, I always thought was called "Stay (I Missed You)" and 12 Other Songs That Aren't "Stay (I Missed You)". See, you can learn something new every day.

And seeing as how it's pretty much freezing cold outside here in Dallas this afternoon, despite the fact that it was pretty warm this morning and I didn't bring a coat with me to work, I guess the general theme from NYC applies here, too. Maybe?

Whatever. Where are the interns when you really want a hot cup of coffee? --Pete Freedman


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