George Strait's Farewell Tour Will End in Dallas, Probably on June 7

George Strait, he of the black cowboy hat and the 70 million album sales, is going on a Jay-Z style farewell tour of the country (meaning it's not goodbye by any standard definition). Yesterday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, he announced several things, including that this tour will finish right here in Dallas. He did not say when that would be. "It'll be a hell of an ending," he said. "Whenever we do it."

It looks a lot like they'll do it on June 7. Mark your calendar, but maybe use a pencil.

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Every other show on the tour already has a date formally announced. That includes a January 10 stop in Austin and goes up to the second-to-last show, on May 24 at the home of the New England Patriots.

The tour's social media-heavy website offers you a chance to enter your email/facebook for a chance to win front row tickets. And why not? We don't know the opener (you can tweet/share the show announcement to reveal the opener, but we can't make that particular social media carrot work, or maybe it doesn't actually work). But we know it's someone along the lines of the names Strait announced yesterday, which include Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Sheryl Crow, Ronnie Dunn, Vince Gill, Merle Haggard with Lee Ann Womack, Miranda Lambert and Chris Young. Pretty great. So we entered to win front row tickets.

The way the site figures out whether you've shared/entered your email/expressed your excitement publicly about the concert is by directing you to specific URLs. If you enter to win tickets to the show in Foxborough, the URL is http://georgestraitcowboyridesaway.com/##may24. And when you enter to win Dallas tickets, the URL is a very realistic http://georgestraitcowboyridesaway.com/##june7.

Maybe that's the placeholder date (it is a Saturday), and they're waiting to ensure there are no conflicts for anyone because they might move it. Or maybe that's just the date of the show, and they're planning another reveal.

Let us know if your sharing of the opener widget yields any names. You can watch the press conference below.

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