Gig Alert and Bonus MP3: Catch 1994! Tonight at Rubber Gloves--and Listen to "Shut Up The Fuck Up" Right Now

Hailing out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the duo of Michael Kuhn and Chris Diehm have been making their interesting brand of mathy post-hardcore under the name of 1994! for the better part of two years.

Their second full-length release, FCKYRHED, just came out and Kuhn was kind enough to provide the readers of DC9 with a sample from said disc. The track is called "Shut Up The Fuck Up" and it provides a good example of what these guys are all about. Check it out after the jump.

Speaking from Oklahoma City on the way to Denton where the band will perform tonight at Rubber Gloves, Kuhn talked to us for a bit about his band's unusual moniker.

"A lot of great bands were around in 1994--great bands on the Dischord label," he said. "And the movie Jurassic Park came out then, and we love that movie."

Uh, OK. Well, whatever Kuhn and Diehm call themselves, their brand of punky noise should provide an excellent way to spend a Monday evening.

Bonus mp3:

1994! -- "Shut Up The Fuck Up"

Wow. That's a mighty slab of noise. Reminds me of a more metallic Minutemen.

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