Gig Alert and Bonus MP3: Hear Rosi Golan's "Think of Me" and Catch Her Tonight at Lola's Sixth

Rosi Golan is an Israeli-born singer songwriter who just happens to play beautifully country-tinged pop. Besides speaking English, French and Hebrew, Golan has managed to have her songs featured in the film Dear John as well as in television programs such as Brothers and Sisters, Private Practice and Scoundrels.

Golan's debut CD, The Drifter and The Gypsy, is a gentle and dreamy selection of alt-country as witnessed by an Israeli living in New York City. What it may, at first, lack in credibility, it more than makes up for in depth and sheer beauty.

Case in point is "Think of Me," one of The Drifter's best cuts...and a song Golan was gracious enough to offer up as a free MP3 for the readers of DC9.

Check it out after the jump.

Think of Me

Think of Me

Pretty sweet, huh? If you like that, be sure to check Golan out tonight at Lola's Sixth in Ft. Worth. Be sure to get there early as Golan opens up for another quality songwriter, William Fitzsimmons.

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