Gig Alert: Billy Talent, Poison The Well Tonight at The Loft

The award-winning Canadian quartet Billy Talent has been around (under one moniker or another) since 1993. In all that time, though, the band has only managed to release three proper albums, making one wonder just how hard is it to make a punk rock record.

There is no denying the band's success, especially in its native country. Both Billy Talent I and Billy Talent II went multi-platinum and the Billy Talent III (creative chaps, aren't they?) was released this summer and is well on its way to doing the same--all of which is really rather odd, considering the punk of Billy Talent takes its cues from the likes of Fugazi, not exactly a band with tremendous commercial success. Perhaps our northern neighbors just have a wee bit more musical taste than us?

Anyhow, Billy Talent has had the same four members since the band's inception, so tonight's show is as much a testament to the group's survival skills as it is a splendid chance to wear your leather jacket out in order to catch some punchy punk rock.

Also making things interesting tonight is the addition of Florida's Poison the Well to the bill. Jeffrey Moreira and crew take the traditional elements of post-punk and twist them in all sorts of interesting, metalcore ways. Songs such as "Botchla" and "Letter Thing" should thrill folks who dig tempo changes as much as they do cheap beer...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.