Gig Alert/Bonus MP3: Hear Flashbulb Fires' "Pyramid Scheme" and Catch the Band Tonight at Andy's Bar in Denton

Hailing out of Denver, Flashbulb Fires is an alt-rock quartet in vein of the Arcade Fire and Pedro The Lion.

At least, that's what the band's promotional material says.

To me, there are some other interesting influences popping in and out of the band's somber drone. Like The Walkmen, Flashbulb Fires utilizes a horn section in all the right ways. And, like Joe Henry, Flashbulb's leader, Patrick McGuire, knows a thing or two about clever imagery.

In late 2009, Flashbulb Fires' full-length debut, Glory, hit the streets and garnered some praise for the album's numerous jabs at organized religion and hypocritical politicians. As such, Glory can come off a bit heavy-handed at times. But, musically, the album boasts am impressive array of sounds and textures.

Case in point: "Pyramid Scheme," Glory's lead-off track, a song that oozes atmosphere. And, in order to stir up some interest for Flashbulb Fires' appearance tonight at Andy's Bar, the band has graciously offered up "Pyramid Scheme" as a free download for the readers of DC9. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Flashbulb Fires -- "Pyramid Scheme"

Pretty heady, I say. Despite the slightly fey name, Flashbulb Fires has my attention.

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