Paul Eason
Paul Eason

Gig Alert/Bonus MP3: Hear Paul Eason's "If You Were Really Here," See Him at The Aardvark

Singer-songwriter Paul Eason grew up in Houston, went to college in San Marcos and, predictably, ended up in Austin to ply his musical craft.

We won't hold that against him.

And, judging by the quality of Eason's country/folk, it's difficult to begrudge the guy his choice of cities. Clearly influenced by the likes of Robert Earle Keen and George Strait, Eason's wry wit and detailed narratives should appeal to fans of both traditional country and those enamored with the alt-country variety.

Eason's most recent effort is called The Mountains of Nuevo Leon and Eason was kind enough to offer up a free MP3 of a cut from said album in anticipation of his show in Fort Worth tonight at the Aardvark. The song's called "If You Were Really Here" and you can check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Paul Eason -- "If You Were Really Here"

Not a bad slice of real Texas music, I say.


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