Gig Alert: Brian "Head" Welch Tonight at The Prophet Bar

Although never a big admirer of Korn, I can appreciate guitarist Brian Welch's decision to leave the multi-platinum band behind and dedicate himself to his chosen religion. The guy was baptized in the Jordon River and has built several orphanages in poverty stricken areas of India, so it's pretty fair to say that he takes his faith seriously.

Welch's debut solo effort, Save Me From Myself, came out last year and, besides the lyrical content, the music doesn't differ that greatly from that of his former band. King Crimson bassist Tony Levin is one of many guest stars that make the album palatable for fans of, well, Korn.

Anyhow, Welch gave up one hell of a paycheck, got off of drugs and committed himself to his daughter and his religion. And his solo stuff, while definitely not life changing, is good enough to warrant a trip to Deep Ellum just to give the guy kudos for getting his shit straight.

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