Gig Alert: Chris Holt, Eastwood, Dave Little and Don Cento at Times Ten Cellars

Tonight you've got a chance to support not only local musicians (and a musician/Noted Regional Comic), but a local winery as well.

According to an email from Dave Little, he and Don Cento (of Shibboleth and Little Jack Melody and his Young Turks fame) will open "Wine Down Wednesday" at 7:30 p.m. tonight at Times Ten Cellars in Lakewood. Times Ten is primarily a winery and wine bar, but offers live jazz and acoustic music once or twice a week.

Little, part of the Section 8 comedy troupe (which was the subject of this January cover story), is best known for his dry, punchline-averse and improv-heavy comedy. But he's also somewhat serious about his songwriting. At least, as serious as it's possible to be with songs like "Crack Habit" and his own stage habit of completely wasting everyone's time playing the same chord form up the entire neck of his guitar one fret at a time. Little and Cento will be followed by country rockers Eastwood (bonus mp3 available right here) at 8:30 p.m., and perpetual DOMA Best Instrumentalist nominee Chris Holt will take the stage after that.

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Jesse Hughey
Contact: Jesse Hughey