Gig Alert: Cute is What We Aim For Tonight at The Loft

Front man Shaant Hacikyan may be the lone original member of power pop band Cute is What We Aim For, but that hasn't prevented him from keeping the band's music fresh and intriguing over the past few years.

Hailing out of Buffalo, Cute is What We Aim For started up in 2005 and released two solid albums of poppy punk that set the band apart from the dreaded emo brigade. Both 2006's The Same Old Blood Rush With a New Touch and 2008's Rotation featured solid riffs and cool, tongue-in-cheek lines such as "Are you perspiring from the irony or sweating to these lyrics?" from "The Curse of Curves."

Sadly, personality conflicts resulted in the band calling it quits last summer. However, Hacikyan quickly hired four new cohorts and restarted the band early this year. In April, the band released the single "Harbor" which can be downloaded for free here.

Judging by "Harbor," Hacikyan knows enough not to tamper with the original sound too much. Seems that whoever he surrounds himself with, Hacikyan is capable of delivering the power pop goods. Expect to see that much in spades tonight at The Loft.

Also on tonight's crowded bill are Friday Night Boys, The Bigger Lights and Down With Webster. Looks like it's gonna be a long night of hummable melodies...

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Darryl Smyers
Contact: Darryl Smyers