Gig Alert: Damaged Good$ and Billingham's Defense System at Fallout Lounge

Expect tonight's "Diff'rent Strokes" event at Fallout Lounge to be as crowded as a fire sale at an American Apparel store.

Not that the Thursday weekly featuring
Billingham's Defense System's half-vinyl, half-digital DJ sets aren't already hopping - 'cause they are. But, if I wasn't still broke, and was a betting man, I'd wager that tonight's turnout will set records for Fallout.

Why? Thanks to BDS's special guests this evening:
Damaged Good$. One of the best local shows I saw last year was when the hipster-hop duo performed at Fallout with Prince William, Scuba Team Go and Click Claak. And anyone who has seen Trak Bully and Coool Dundee live know that, unlike the Granada, Fallout is the perfect venue for them. Whether performing in a jam-packed kitchen for a house party or mixed in with the mob at a bar like Fallout, the duo is at its best when embedded in an audience.

Having recently returned stateside after performing a handful of shows in Europe, I'm imagining Trak and Coool are ready to rub elbows with a home-town crowd. Sandwiched between DJ sets by BDS, I'm told DMG$ is scheduled to go on about midnight.

Oh, and, the best part of the whole deal? No cover.

Update: DMG$ has backed out of tonight's gig as Coool is recovering from a lost voice. BDS will still spin as part of its Thursday night residency.

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Daniel Rodrigue
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