Gig Alert: Evan Dando Solo Gig at The Prophet Bar Tonight

Hailing from the same town myself, I may be a biased, but, man, do I love Boston's The Lemonheads. Have ever since the first time I heard the band's fifth release, 1992's It's A Shame About Ray, actually--which, OK, probably made me a late adopter, but, sue me, it was the band's big breakthrough release. And I was 8 years old at the time.

I don't think this much can even be debated: Evan Dando's indie-bent alt-rock songs, although maybe a little sappy at times, have always been affecting and pleasing in their slackerish, sloppy-yet-melodic presentation. And it wasn't even a fleeting thing: Over the course of its three biggest releases--Ray and on through 1993's Come On Feel The Lemonheads and 1996's Car Button Cloth--Dando and Co. put their stamp on this sound and owned the crap out of its passionately detached aesthetic. Hell, even 2006's self-titled comeback record had its moments, even if it featured a whole new cast surrounding the reluctant frontman. And the support performances for that record found Dando a little older and a little quieter, maybe, but no less engaging.

Expect a similar display at the Prophet Bar tonight as Dando stops through town for a performance in support of last year's covers collection, Varshons. It's just a solo gig, unfortunately--and our colleagues in St. Louis were more confused than anything when he recently stopped through their city--but the show found him mixing up the new and old and sprinkling in more than a few Lemonheads classics.

For as I'm concerned, this would be the show of the night this Tuesday evening--were it not for some guy named Jay-Z rolling through the AAC, at least. Still, for my fanboy money, this Prophet Bar offering's about as good as second options get.

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Pete Freedman
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