Gig Alert: Get Covered With Xerofest at Lee Harvey's on Saturday

You may (or may not) recall a story I did in the print edition a few months back where I chronicled the mass amount of cover/tribute acts that call Dallas-Fort Worth home. Well, several of the acts mentioned in my story will gather this Saturday at Lee Harvey's for something called Xerofest. You can check out the full line-up here, but suffice to say that anytime KCTK-1310 AM The Ticket's Mike Rhyner and his band Petty Theft is on the bill, a good time is usually had by all.

Add in Queen for a Day, Oliver's Army and a host of others and you have your self a regular all-day, other-people's-music hoedown. The aforementioned Costello Tribute band Oliver's Army kicks things off at 1 in the afternoon, and Queen for a Day finishes off the festival at around midnight.

Of course, the usual assortment of vendors will be hawking jewelry, music and clothing as the bands engage in their clever form of thievery. Also, several local DJs will be spinning to their hearts' content inside the venue while the bands play outside.

Plus, some of the $8 admission fee will go to the Love Hope Strength Foundation, an international, music-centric cancer charity. So, this looks like a chance to help a worthy cause and hear some of the best musicians in the area play the songs of their heroes.

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Darryl Smyers
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