Gig Alert: Guthrie Kennard Tonight at Cadillac Ranch

Unbeknownst to me, semi-local singer/songwriter Guthrie Kennard has set up a sort of residency at the Los Colinas nightspot Cadillac Ranch. If I'd been paying better attention, I would have already hustled my ass up John Carpenter Freeway and caught Kennard's fine examples of Americana much earlier than this tonight.

Relatively well-known as Ray Wylie Hubbard's bassist, Guthrie Kennard has been a much sought-after session player for almost three decades. After leaving his home state of Virginia, Kennard has spent significant time in the Texas Hill Country and now resides in our fair area when not on tour.

Incredibly, Kennard didn't get around to a solo recording until 2005's Ranch Road 12.

One listen to that debut will have one wondering why in the hell it took him so long. Songs like "My Third Dream," "Johnny Dallas" and "Unforgiven" show a songwriter with the kind of keen eye for detail that could only come with experience. With vocals that recall '70s Dylan (i.e. it's good) and Keith Richards at his most coherent, Kennard growls and whispers his dusty narratives like a man making a serious confession.

Word is that Kennard is finally recording a follow up to Ranch Road 12. The guy may work at the pace of a wounded tortoise, but the results have, at least in the past, spoken volumes about Kennard's inherent talent. 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.