Gig Alert: Indigo Girls Tonight at The Lakewood Theater

Say what you will about Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, the duo known as The Indigo Girls. But, fact is, these gals have been doing their folksy thing for nearly a quarter century now. "Closer to Fine," the Girls' first hit from 1989 is an easy target of derision, but seen in the context of its day (the popular ascension of 10,000 Maniacs, Tracy Chapman and Suzanna Vega), the song summarized the sentiment of the times.

And the Girls have kept at it: Poseidon and the Poison Bug, the Indigo Girls most recent effort, doesn't differ significantly from other efforts in the band's catalog. "Love of Our Lives," one of the new album's best cuts, can be seen as a middle-aged rethink of "Closer to Find."

Personable and altruistic, both Ray and Saliers have become quite active in various gay and lesbian causes. The duo's music has always remained imminently listenable, something that can't always be said of bands from the '80s.

Catch the Indigo Girls tonight at the Lakewood Theater.

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